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PostPosted: January 24, 2005 2:56 PM 

I know that ghosts exist. So does ne 1 else believe in ghost. Trust me it's not a good thing to know that ghost do exist. Sometimes there not all that friendly. My favorite time with a ghost was when I was in the shower and I heard a little girl cry out for help. I went to my room and I saw her there on my bed,but when I tried to talk to her she went away.


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PostPosted: January 24, 2005 3:00 PM 

I have had so many seeings of ghost and demons that I lost count after 23. It's very scary at first, but oncer you get use to it it's not all that bad. Smile


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PostPosted: May 17, 2005 11:45 AM 

There are good drugs available that will help you. These things exist like the easter bunny.


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PostPosted: July 20, 2005 7:16 AM 

U r nt the onlee 1!!! Sad


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PostPosted: September 6, 2005 11:23 AM 

What did she (the little girl) look like? I mean was she sort of see through or did she look perfectly normal?


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PostPosted: October 1, 2005 12:14 PM 

Hey, i believe my house is haunted but, well i dont know. I have seen this black orb three times on my bed, when laying down on the floor. any1 else?

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