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Dana Johnson

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PostPosted: May 5, 2019 12:57 PM 

A new view of the InSIGHT lander with equipment deployed. The newest HiRISE catalog image is of good quality and a near overhead view at mid-day lighting.

At 4X scale approximately even the MOLE housing is visible. The mid-toned extension to the MOLE may be the arm, or it may be possible to see the instrument strap, both together seems likely. We could see a spacesuit with this detailed view.

HiRISE image catalog, ESP_059495_1845
April 6, 2019, at 170 miles altitude, 2:18 pm local Mars time.

The landing location is describes as a 'volcanic plain' and referred to as 'relatively smooth'. I see two arcs of impinging layers from the sides, with the lander in the narrow smoother corridor area between the to sets of impact surges or flows fronts, heavy secondary or mixed small crater types. Interesting colors in the local material.

Dana Johnson

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PostPosted: May 10, 2019 5:18 PM 

Ref., replies #32 and #34, the under deck large item has yet another appearance at a differing angle on the raw image list as the sol's pass by us. The object now appears to nearly be merged with the hoses of the lander, with very patterned face textures, yet again it is clearly on the ground level, with contact to the soil.
Beside it is the leg pad and a rock, with a probable retro rocket circular spot where the soil is cleared and removed by force. The below surface 'soil' is well compacted angular material but does not appear to be cemented with an altered tough 'duricrust' to my view.

This is a sol 151 altered image of the under deck object from the newest viewpoint.

Color of the items appears to be muted and consistent item to item throughout. Can someone show other color as two types of materials? In some altered views the hosing and deck appear to be separate from the 'rock'.

John Radogno

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PostPosted: May 11, 2019 10:02 AM 

Is InSite sinking into the soil?

Dana Johnson

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PostPosted: May 16, 2019 12:23 PM 

The MOLE housing seems to set on the surface well, I can't see well the lander leg pads in direct sunlight yet, but checking that is probably a good idea. In the sol 160 images of the solar panel, the ground shows a pit nearby and a furrow or channel into the background with a rough surface beyond the immediate landing spot.
I altered the image some and it appears the ground may consist of sections with fill between sections.
While that may be fine dust trails, I altered the MOLE area closeups and they gave the impression of fractured ground.

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