Numerous Biotic Organics on Mars

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PostPosted: January 11, 2017 4:51 AM 

Two points in brief:
1. See the "X-ray amorphous" portions in
and in [link]
2. Most of the "X-ray amorphous" portions are organics undetectable by CheMin but detected by SAM (see [link] )
1. X-ray amorphous material include mostly volcanic glass and organics (see ).
Data in point 1 shows "X-ray amorphous" portions account for 20% to 75% of the analyzed samples. 20 to 75 percent are very large percentages. So, those percentages cannot be all from meteorites. The "x-ray amorphous" material is unlikely to be mostly volcanic glass, as there is no volcano in Gale Crater, Mars.
2. The organics should have resulted from biology rather than abiogenesis (see [link] )

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