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PostPosted: November 10, 2013 4:30 AM 

Being as there is no data on winds at higher altitudes Mars, I was wondering if as on Earth the winds will be higher at altitude. Maybe we will get a few really good gusts for a cleaning event. I'd hope they know the direction of the prevailing winds. When we hit the peak and winter is over, meebee the rover can be situated to take advantage of the winds. I'd sure like to see the rover operate for a few more years.


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PostPosted: November 26, 2013 3:52 AM 



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PostPosted: November 26, 2013 7:26 AM 

You are welcome. The short answer is if you go on elevated surfaces on Mars or Earth, take a comb.....

Terrestrial Atmospheric Dynamics 101 (see friction)

Joe Smith

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PostPosted: November 26, 2013 10:09 AM 

A very timely topic John ,,,, as we have a satellite in route as I Type this post ,,,,, the MAVEN is built to study the upper atmosphere.


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PostPosted: December 2, 2013 6:05 AM 

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