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PostPosted: October 1, 2012 7:28 PM 

i see the level of frustration on the board has finally approached mine of years past.

mr. malin maintains is iron fist.


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PostPosted: October 1, 2012 8:25 PM 


The above link was posted on UMF. It gives some useful background on the day to day activities.

r lewis

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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 1:37 AM 

In the animation in re 10 there are little specs that appear to move slightly as if they were on tiny filamentous stalks, very strange does anyone else see what I am talking about? In the upper left quadrant


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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 10:34 AM 

Horton - that is a wonderful panorama the original size shows many interesting rocks strewn all around looks like there is plenty do to around here. Thank you for sharing that I have shared it also on Twitter and Facebook credited to MRB and of course you.


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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 10:59 AM 

ah, kevin, that explains the 300+ views of the panorama. I am happy to be of service.

My total Flickr views jumped to almost 4000 - which is twice the number when Curiosity landed! You must have an interesting circle of friends.

Thomas Lee Elifritz

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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 1:01 PM 

I blogged it as well, although I don't think you'll get many hits out of it. I'm glad the mission has finally started, and I hope they don't slow roll it. I'd like to see this problem resolved soon to everyone's satisfaction.

I think I see dead ponies! Or, maybe not. They certainly have enough instruments to determine that, but they need to stop and take a good close look at the roses, the harder stuff cemented into the cracks and it looks plated on top of the dunes as well.


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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 3:16 PM 

sol 0055 3x2 false color of soil:

with location link.

Looks like this is the place where the first soil sample will be taken.

All of Gale in a few grains of dust...


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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 3:47 PM 

Wow they have found a big pile of dust/sand in a massive bowl of dust - now lets see what it is made of. Smile

But at least some mildly interesting outcrops around with some peculiar texturing and coating like stuff.

Barsoomer, in your link re22 it is said that the chemcam system was/is(?) out of focus or something along the lines and don't provide usable data. Maybe that's the reason for not talking about that lately. Lets hope chemin and sam will do better!


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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 4:32 PM 

sol 0056 3D of sample soil area:

There was about 10 meters of movement.

Why trample the soil first? I have some speculations in the Flickr comments.

If I were "The Decider" I would pick the bright area of the track in the dust.

And here is the sol 0055 panorama looking back:

what a dusty old place!


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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 5:34 PM 

MSL looks like a heavy machinery working on a building site...


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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 7:29 PM 

sol 0055 colorized flat field Chemcam panorama on Bathurst Inlet rock ( world's first?? ) :

with location link.

I couldn't find a recognizable corresponding MAHLI image. The totally different camera perspective without a larger context image makes seeing MAHLI locations extremely difficult - if not impossible. One more way to hide the data in plain sight from the viewing public.

Perhaps the Chemcam, APXS, and MAHLI locations will be highlighted in the coming PR blurb of Bathurst Inlet?

Er, anybody see anything "interesting" about the Laser zapped area? ( And by interesting I mean several thin curving bright fiber-like lines. ( You have to look at it original size. ) )


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PostPosted: October 2, 2012 8:56 PM 

Hort; Re. your 31. Yes. The Chem cam analytical data should be interesting.


Kye Goodwin

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PostPosted: October 3, 2012 3:21 AM 

Have a look at the "sized" rocks in this image:

Horton's reply 27 shows more of the same scene. I'm referring to the many cobbles of nearly the same size. If I went to the landscape supplier and bought 3/4 inch drain rock I'd get screened material about this uniform. OK, there are a few larger rocks and smaller ones are always harder to see, but even so, the apparent sizing is impressive. I wonder how this happens? Is there some erosion process that "approaches" this size of rock in this environment, slowing gradually and stopping when a particular size is achieved? Or does it have nothing to do with the recent environment?


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PostPosted: October 3, 2012 4:51 AM 

My pleasure Hort it is about time the rest of the world got to see your amazing work, yes my network will have sent it on also, it consists of many astronomers and scientists as well as great amatuer astronomers. Time and a lack of the correct skill sets means I cannot pick out certain rocks in that panorama that I find interesting but there are some unusual targets for the mission planners it will be "like a kid in a sweet shop" time for them. I know we want to get to Mt Sharp sooner rather than later but I do hope that they take the time to fully scour this area as many of these rocks would have been washed down from elsewhere giving further insight into the surrounding area. Thanks again for all the great work you share with one and all.


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PostPosted: October 3, 2012 9:19 AM 

Ah, the sol 0054 context MAHLI image of the sol 0055 Chemcam image of reply 31:

Once again, the MAHLI lighting, position and orientation are so different from the cameras on the mast that I couldn't "see" the connection. ( Look in the sunlit area just left of center. )

I thought of affine registering the MI - but what's the point?

This mission is just too complex for one amateur to follow in detail.

I'm going to rethink the best use of my time on Mars.

Thomas Lee Elifritz

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PostPosted: October 3, 2012 12:09 PM 

Hort, I think things are going to start coming fast and furious here, but if you could keep posting an occasional pan or MI that would be extremely helpful to me as I can't spend much time on this anymore either. For instance, in your soil pan the clearly defined hallucigenia seems to be produced by wind erosion eating away the softer material and then leaving the harder pieces to roll into the cracks and crevices, leaving a faint outline of the original sedimentary geometry and diversity, which itself is eventually eroded away, revealing ever more layers over time.

If that is correct, Curiousity is driving right into the good stuff here very soon. Lower is better.


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PostPosted: October 3, 2012 5:12 PM 

Another Curiosity telecon tomorrow. Thursdays seem to be the favored day...


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PostPosted: October 3, 2012 8:27 PM 

I hope this isn't a double post.

Curi seems to be having a sand test, sol 57



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PostPosted: October 3, 2012 9:28 PM 

Trying again

Here's a detail (2X) of a portion of the track above, x-eyed 3D. Seems to me that this portion of track looks like mud sqeezed through the track cleats.



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PostPosted: October 4, 2012 8:25 AM 

A close-up MR looks quite interesting as well: lets hope this rather coarse grained(?) dune stuff fits and subsequently slides into the SAM opening without problems.

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