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Please join this FaceBook page (containing mosaics, panoramas, and up-to-date info).

A Facebook page I started to keep images up to date with the public - specifically panoramas and mosaics and animated GIFS. And raw images as well. Smile
It's not a conspiracy page (although I am somewhat a conspiracy theorist), so please don't drag "fossils" or "bunny rabbits" in if you join and post.
Like I said, I sometimes wonder and think I am looking directly at fossils (I'm sure some of you do as well), but I/we (my moderator and I, and whoever else would like to be a mod) would like to keep the page clean of that. Smile

So here it is. I update it hourly, or as images come in. Please "like" it and be a part of it! This isn't about me or the page - it's about Mars and the rover and the fact that people need to see these images in a more timely fashion than what the official page is showing - no offense NASA.

Also, as I said, I would like to have more mods - hopefully people who have degrees in Geology and the like. I am only the photo-stitcher, and that's not even my specialty. I create music, but that's another story. Wink

Posted by impreprex at January 8, 2013 7:42 PM

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