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Aren't we looking at the wrong place? 

Aren't we looking at the wrong place? 

"Curiosity" has already found several things on Mars such as water, stones how come that water suddenly disappeared Isn't there something that happened in the last 100 000 years or higher ? Isn't there a civilization born? How come we can't find innovations on the planet Mars except those few things. There has been a few robots who showed signs of life but nothing has really been found. Would it not be possible that a civilization already lived there as 7 large had been found and photographed. There might be a civilization in this same planet who moved away to the Core ( heart of the planet) or something like this. This all sounds a bit funny for some of you but I had to write it down. Thank you

Posted by Steph at November 23, 2012 12:27 PM

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