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Where's the Martian Beef?

Well good Mar's folk>>>

90 days and hardly a thing to show for it. I have to be honest and say that I was very excited to hear about the MSL when it was being considered to be built and then be sent to Mars for 'further' investigation of the Red planetscape. And that may be what it really is...a simple, yet complicated, decaying and extremely poisonous dead world afterall. And that may be a good sign in itself, to be able to identify with our latest techno-instruments-a dead world.

Ho-hum science has been the norm here-so far, with similar rocks identified as that from Hawaii, well folks, Hawaii is surrounded by WATER, which is not unusual on Earth for a volcanic island, so where's the Martian Beef? [and not from methane cows] I have my doubts and its growing in that direction everyday. 17 cameras are not paving the way. Hell, we only have 1 set of stereo cameras ourselves and we can see quite clearly. Oppy and Spirit have shown us the way alright, but in what direction? Can MSL give us that direction we seek? All of us are looking into the latest varied pictures for that science EUREKA to happen from at least 2 working Rovers. 2.4 billion+ $ ehh!

I realize there are a shuttle load of extremely talented and gifted people working on these projects, seems ashamed they may get burned-and that means us too!


Posted by dx at November 6, 2012 8:49 AM

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