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Mars mission funded by creating a reality TV show experience

You all could be one of the first colonists of Mars. Who is interested? They will fund this mission by selling TV and media rights by creating a reality / talent TV show experience.

In 2011, the founding members of the Mars One team initiated planning for the colonization of Mars. That first year yielded the completion of a feasibility study, calling upon experts from space agencies around the world and private aerospace corporations. Written letters of interest in support of the Mars One plan were received. In this analysis, Mars One incorporated technical, financial, social-psychological and ethical components.

Where it would otherwise be too costly for a single corporation and too risky for a solitary government agency, Mars One will through the integration of existing technologies succeed in establishing the first human settlement on Mars by April 2023.

Unique to Mars One will be the means by which such a large undertaking is made financially feasible. Not unlike the televised events of the Olympic Games, Mars One intends to maintain an on-going, globally televised media event, from astronaut selection to training, from lift-off to landing, to provide primary funding for this next giant leap for mankind.

Posted by zoost at October 15, 2012 4:30 AM

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