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Link Outcrop

As my moniker suggests, I have a primitive understanding of the complexities of geology, but would anyone here agree that, while Link Outcrop itself is quite interesting, the gravel found at it is an amazing and unique find? It's the most earth like collection of rock yet, isn't it? And I don't mean because of the "enhanced" color but because of their shapes and placement.To me it looks just the peebles along a river's edge. What else but water could form and place them this way?

And, in the linked pic, what process would cause the gravel on the left side to be so clean, and to be scattered on top of other gravel that is well buried? It looks amazingly recent, not like something sitting there a billion years after water flowed over it.

Of course it's such a small field of view that we can't see this patch in context, and it may not look as dramatic in un-"enhanced" color, but I still find it fascinating. BTW I couldn't find any un-enhanced shot it at the official site, wonder if there's any out there somewhere else.

Sorry for so many questions, but hopefully it's an interesting topic for someone on this blog, just don't forget to dumb it down a bit 8-)

Thanks for reading


Posted by unfrozen caveman rover fan at October 11, 2012 11:34 PM

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